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About Me

SLP Today, Everyday, ALL Day, and from back in the Day! I feel sums up me the Gen X SLP who started off 30 years ago with ambitions and dreams to help children and adults with communication disorders.  This still holds true today.  I love being an SLP.  This career has stretched me and helped me to grow beyond my wildest imagination.  I enjoy learning and trying new things and there is never a dull moment.  Each patient/client and/or student brings their unique personality.  As partners in this therapeutic journey, we face the challenges of enhancing communication to engage in meaningful and fulfilling interactions with family, friends, colleagues, peers and the community.


As I pondered the beginning of this new business venture, I reflected back on my 30 year career: the private clinics; hospital settings; traveling speech therapy opportunities across the United States; school settings in Northern, Central, Rural, and currently in Southern California.   I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this career path that has brought me wonderful friendships, heartache, and joy.  If I were to do it again, I would without doubt…. without hesitation be an SLP.


My passion is working with high functioning students with Autism on social cognition and executive functioning and language processing disorders.


I hope that my musings, ideas, and therapy materials will provide the support needed for you to serve your clients.

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Katrina, SLP

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